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The events industry is an incredible industry. I love the events industry and all the nitty gritty that goes with it. The amazing community within the events industry works together to help you create spectacular moments that are timeless. We help to create those special moments that create joy and fond memories. 

Lake District Wedding Planner

Elevating simplicity for the well-travelled foodie


Training initially as a chef and working for a high end catering company, introduced me to the world of weddings and events. Loving the industry as no day was the same and each wedding was unique, I eventually moved to become a wedding & events planner.

I am a South African at heart (you will easily pick this up when you meet me in person). I have interesting SA quirks such as saying "shame" and talking about a braai rather than a bbq. I am a mum to a fur baby (my cat Cosmic) and a family girl to my core. I adore my family dogs and going for walks with them.

I am a foodie and love to travel when I can, I try to embrace both of those. I love trying new cuisine and am quick to try a new recipe. 

When I am not planning weddings & events, I love country walks. A romantic at heart, you will find me, when it is particularly stormy, rainy and cold, curled up under a fluffy blanket with my cat using me as her own personal bed, as I delve into a good book. 

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I am a proud member of the UKAWP as I share their values!

As a member, I proudly comply with the UKAWP Code of Business Practice which means:

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  • Respond to enquiries within 48 hours

  • Respect client confidentiality

  • Disclose any suppliers I have a vested interest in

  • Pass discounts and/or commission onto clients

  • Ensure my Public Liability insurance is up to date

  • Never give client details to any third party not involved with the wedding

  • Respect copyright from fellow wedding professionals

  • Represent each client fairly and honestly

  • Use legally sound business contracts with clients

  • Cultivate a business free from discrimination and support diversity, equality and inclusivity