2022 Wedding Trends

After interesting 2020 and 2021 wedding seasons we see new trends for 2022 emerging. There are many predictions for wedding trends for this year but here are some of my favourites.

1. Floral patterns. Not just as part of your table design but being included on wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, painted floral designs on wedding cakes and floral arches. I think we will see many more floral designs being demonstrated this year.

2. Regency Era Inspiration. Bridgerton has built a new interest in the Regency Era. Many couples have been inspired to include Regency Blue, personalised wax seals, hand written notes and trailing wisteria. The Regency Era has an incredible romance and magic to it. This particular part of history has been a very romanticised era and this romance came out in Bridgerton. I look forward to seeing many more Regency Blue wedding invitations, with personalised wax seals, and hand written personal notes in 2022.

3. Back Garden Weddings. A back garden wedding has many advantages, namely that it provides open spaces given COVID-19. Choosing to have a back garden wedding also has the advantage of free flow from the venue to the garden. Many couples appreciate the greater control they have over the look of the space as there is a lot of scope for a back garden wedding.

4. Virtual Save The Dates. Couples are appreciating the ability to inform guests of any changes or updates with such ease. Graphic designers are taking on the challenge of designing excellent Virtual Save the Dates. There are many designers who are creating fabulous designs for digital creations.

5. Fairy-Tail Lighting. A new trend and one that is most enjoyable is that of making use of magical lighting. Dreamy, unique and statement lighting. Picture string light installations, classic fairy lights. This creates a very special atmosphere.

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