5 Steps To Starting Your Wedding Planning

If you just got engaged this festive season, congratulations and welcome to the world of weddings!

You and your fiancé might be wondering where to start with your wedding planning and how to go about it. Well have no fear, pull out your wedding planning notebook and jot down these 5 top tasks to start you off on your wedding planning journey.

These tasks I would suggest whether you are planning on hiring a wedding planner or whether you feel that you would rather tackle your wedding planning on your own, it is a good idea to have these 5 tasks organised before you continue with your wedding planning.

1. The very first step that I feel is the most important and which I feel is very important for you to think about is your budget. You and your fiancé really need to think about how much you want to spend and how much you have saved up and what can you realistically save between now and then.

2. Think very carefully about what type of wedding ceremony you want. There are two types of legal ceremonies namely a civil ceremony lead by the local registrar or a ceremony conducted by a Church of England Minister. You can see more on the different legal ceremonies by seeing my blog post on this:

3. Your venue is the next thing I would suggest you think about. Venues can be booked up quickly especially if you are planning your wedding during the busy spring and summer seasons. You will need to have your venue in mind when you book your registrar and you give notice of your intent to wed. If you are having a church ceremony you may want to think about what venues are close to the church and how easy will it be to access that venue.

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4. Have in mind the total number of guests that you want to invite to your wedding. It is a very good idea to have this more or less figured out from the beginning. You can have an estimated number and settle on an actual number at a later stage.

5. Think very carefully about what style of wedding you want. It is a very good idea to have this in mind and to maybe jot down the reasons why you want to have this particular style of wedding for the future. When I say what type of wedding, I mean, is it going to be a rustic wedding with blush and sage green colours? This will also help you narrow down your venue search.

Looking to take this a step further and get some help and guidance?

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