Are You About To Start Planning Your Wedding?

Start Planning Your Wedding

Recently got engaged over the festive season? Congratulations! You might be thinking about the next step towards that special day where you get to say "I Do" to your fiancé. There is plenty of advice and many experts in the wedding industry telling you where you should start and each and everyone of those people will have excellent advice. I want to give you my best advice and where I believe it is best for you to start planning your wedding.

✨ Start by determining your overall budget. You can do this by working out how much you would like to spend ideally and then from there work out how much you can save over the period between now and your wedding month (you might have a specific date yet). Ideally you want to only spend what you can afford to spend and not go into debt.

✨ Think about what type of wedding ceremony you want. By this I mean do you want a registry lead wedding or are you looking for a religious ceremony. You can find more details on legal marriages by viewing the UK gov website link: . I would book your marriage official as soon as you can as the wedding season is a very busy one (especially if you are planning on getting married in 2022/2023).

✨ The next step I think is an important part, is to determine your wedding style or theme if you would like to think about it along those lines. This may sound like a strange step but what it will do for you is help you determine your wedding venue (as there are so many different types of wedding venue styles) and it will help you choose your wedding suppliers, especially if you have specific styles that require very specific elements (i.e. you might wish to have dried flowers as part of your decor and you will want florists who specialise in dried flower arrangemeents).

✨Start to look for your venue. Your venue will be determined by your style of wedding and you can read more on choosing your ideal wedding venue by reading my blog post :

Planning your wedding can take on average 250 hours and if this is just too much for you to take on with your busy schedule, or feel slightly overwhelmed with starting, then please get in touch and I would love to chat about your vision for your wedding and how best I can help you make that a reality.

Ready to start your relaxed planning journey?

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