Are You Going Wedding Dress Shopping?

Going wedding dress shopping? This is such an exciting time and one that you want to enjoy. Its always a great opportunity to spend some time with your brides maids and make a special time of it. Depending on your bridal shop (you may only be able to take 1 other person with you), gather your girls and go have some fun in trying on different dresses, and enjoy a glass of champagne.

Before you head off to the fitting, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Always take someone with you that you trust to give you an honest opinion. You want them to tell you if something doesn't look right (i.e. the back is gaping and you may not want the back to be gaping).

2. Take the shoes you plan on wearing or something similar to gauge the length of the dress.

3. Wear the same colour underwear that you will be wearing on the day of your wedding.You want to see what it will look like (also think about trying to find a similar style of underwear as something might show in different styles).

4. When trying on different dresses, keep an open mind as to styles, something you might not have liked when seeing it in photos, you might find looks absolutely stunning on you.

5. Make sure that you can sit down, dance and go to the loo in your dress. You want to make sure it is comfortable for all occasions during your day.

Enjoy yourself and enjoy that special moment with your girls.

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