Avoid Making These Mistakes When Planning Your Wedding

While you plan your wedding, I am sure that you will have thought of one or two "what if" situations and thought about how you can avoid them. Ideally you want to try and avoid "what if" situations by taking precautions. You can't plan for everything but you can go prepared.

I want to help you avoid some of those possible situations by helping you be a bit more prepared with these possible mistakes.

1.Don't make the mistake of assuming that your suppliers will all arrive on time and that they can always call you if something goes wrong. In reality, you are unlikely to have your phone on you or if its nearby whilst you get ready you will most likely not be paying attention to it and you could very well miss any phone calls. Give them an alternative number to phone of someone you can rely on to have their phone on them and who will most likely answer it. This can be a parent, a sibling or a member of your wedding party.

2. Have the name and contact information of your suppliers but more importantly of the people who will be there on the day (your florist might have sent a team but the person you have dealt with during the planning stage isn't going to be there on the day). This is important because you want to be able to get hold of them if there is any last minute change in plans or if they are late and you need to find out where they are.

3. Don't think that you will remember all the bits and pieces that you need suppliers to know and can tell them on the day. Be realistic, you are going to be busy getting ready and you won't necessarily have the time to go and talk to them in person. When you send them the schedule for the day, provide them with detailed notes for the day. Tell them what they need to know in the notes. If the florist needs to deliver the bouquets to the room in which the bride is getting ready, they need to know which room this is. They need to know where to find you. Not knowing will take unnecessary time to find out.

4. Do not neglect dietaries. Make sure you know of all food allergies and this is passed on to the kitchen. Be very conscious of those that are extreme allergies. The last thing you need is for a guest to start going into anaphylactic shock.

5. Make sure that you have all relevant emergency numbers available and that there is easy access to these numbers. If you are in a remote location and it will take the ambulance longer to get to you, make sure that the venue has a well stocked emergency kit and a sufficient emergency kit. You want to be able to deal with any emergency situations if they arise.

6. Do not go unprepared for any "what if" situations. There is a reason why event planners go to events with what they call their emergency kits. This is full of things like hammers, scissors, hairspray, deodorant, hair clips, glue etc because you never know what you might need them for. This can just be kept in your car.

7. Don't think that you can do it all. My best advice is to hire a wedding coordinator to deal with all of the above points. They will lift that weight off your shoulders.

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