Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

Your wedding food is an important part of your wedding day. This may sound odd but providing food for your guests is an important part of your day. What type of food you choose is really up to you. Choosing your wedding caterer is really an important process to make sure you get the style and type of food that will really make your day special.

If you don't know where to start when looking for your wedding caterer then read on for my top tips on how to find the ideal caterer for you.

1. What Is Your Catering Budget?

Keeping within your allocated budget for catering is important. You want to work alongside your caterer to make sure you stay within your allocated budget and sure that what you choose and you are happy with. You need to find a caterer who can work within your budget is ideal. You don't want to find you have spent more than you can afford.

2. Does Your Venue Allow You To Choose Your Own Caterer?

If you have already chosen your wedding venue this is a question you will want to ask your wedding venue before you go through the process of hiring a caterer and finding that you can't use them at your chosen venue. This is also an important question to ask before you choose your venue if you haven't already found your venue.

3.Does Your Venue Have A List of Preferred List Of Suppliers?

When you have booked your venue, this is a very important question to ask your venue. If any caterers have worked for the venue before it means that they have a full knowledge of the way the venue is run, what the kitchen is like, any rules they need to know about the venue in relation to them and being able to come in and set up. This will make a great deal of difference to the running of your day. Any caterer who has worked at your venue before, this is a great advance as well as they are a suitable to you.

4. What Type Of Meal Do You Want To Offer Your Guests?

Once you have answered questions 1-3 you will be more able to answer the next few questions.

Give a little thought to the style of meal you want to serve your guests. Once you know what style of meal you want for your guests, you will be better able to identify the right caterer for yourself. If you have a very specific style of cooking, you will need to find a caterer who is able to fulfil this order. If you are wanting food cooked on a barbeque, not all caterers are willing to do this. Make sure you ask your caterers if they are prepared to cook your style of food.

5. Do You Have Any Specific Dietary Requirements That Need To Be Catered For?

This is a particularly important question to answer, because not all caterers are able to cater to any specific requirements. This is particularly true for religious dietary needs. If you need your food to be Kosher, you need to identify a Kosher caterer, who understands all the religious requirements, the same is said for all other religious dietary requirements. Check with your caterer if they can caterer for any other requirements, for example if you want your entire meal to be gluten free.

6. Are They Prepared To Cater For The Number Of Guests You Have?

Some caterer are specific to smaller numbers of guests and some will have a minimum spend which will equal to a minimum number of guests. Ask them if your number of guests is something they are happy to work with. This is not a regular occasion where a caterer will be very specific on guest numbers, however; you don't want to get your heart set on a specific caterer only to find that they only cater to small guest numbers or that they have a minimum spend and you don't have that many guests to reach that guest number.

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