Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

An integral part of your wedding day will be the flowers you choose. Your flower choice will set the tone for your tables and over all theme. What flowers you choose and specifically the colours you choose will influence the overall feel of your wedding day.

Typically you will need flowers for any bouquets, flower crowns and button holes for you and your bridal party. Added to this typically flowers are chosen for decor for your wedding ceremony and then for during your wedding breakfast. How big or small you choose to go in terms of your floral decor is dependent on you and your wedding style.

Here are some of my top tips on choosing your wedding day flowers.

  • Stick to your budget. You want to be very conscious of how much you are spending and make sure your florist is well informed on what budget they have to work with as this will help guide them in what recommendations they can make for you.

  • Stick with your chosen theme and colours. You want to feel like your floral arrangements speak to you and create the type of environment you want to create. If your overall feel is classic elegance, ideally you want to stick with your more muted tones such as pastel colours and neutral tones (speak to your florist to get their best advice on how to create the feel you want).

  • Try and have a variety of flowers to create different textures.

  • Always think about the height of your arrangements. The reason behind this is that you want your guests sitting opposite each other to be able to chat to one another. Ideally you want people to be able to see over it or not to have to swing too much either way to speak to each other.

  • When planning your floral arrangements, think about the size and shape of your table. How will your floral arrangement sit on the table. Will there be space to put any other type of decor on the table? Will there be space on the table for table numbers/names.

  • Keep in mind what flowers are in season. ideally you want flowers that are in season. You will get the best quality of flower from flowers within season.

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