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Your wedding design inspiration can come from various places, but you might find that the moment you log onto Pinterest you don’t know where to start or where to search. Don’t rush this process. Sit down with a glass of champagne, your trusty wedding planning notebook and start first by creating a special wedding planning Pinterest board in which you create smaller boards. This way you can keep on top of your ideas and you can easily find them later when you want to refer to them when discussing your ideas with a wedding supplier.

Stick to specific searches rather than generalised searches as this can be over whelming and you can get lost down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest which is overflowing with various ideas and inspiration. You don’t have to complete all your searching in one evening and don’t forget that you can add to your boards as you go along. Consider assigning specific days to searching for specific aspects.

Start with determining what time of the year you want to host your wedding as this will pull up very different results. If you have no specific colour concept in mind look at each season in turn as you can find colour inspiration from other seasons. You might feel that the general colour schemes that come up for your season unappealing, that is ok but at least you now know what you don’t want. If this is the case start looking at other seasons for inspiration, one at a time.

Think about your style, what suits you and your home, your clothing style, the way your purchase (as materialistic as this sounds, you will probably tend towards the types of venues, dresses, décor etc that mirror your purchasing habits. When you enter in your search parameters you will put your specific style along with what you are searching i.e. luxurious wedding dresses, boho wedding décor, elegant wedding venues etc.


Look outside of Pinterest and weddings for creative ideas, look at ordinary fashion magazines (not just the wedding magazines), take note of the shapes and colours that you find in nature, look on Instagram for ideas, look at the wedding suppliers in the local area. Then search for these concepts on Pinterest to save to your boards or take a photo of your inspiration and save it to the appropriate board i.e. image of autumnal trees saved to your colour scheme Pinterest board.

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