How Do You Find The Right Venue For You?

Each couple has a different vision for their wedding and the main part of your wedding is the venue you choose for your reception (and it could even be for your ceremony depending on whether you need it to be or not).

You will need to determine what your "must haves" are regarding your wedding venue. Every couple will have a list of requirements that they need from their venue, this could be that it is a licensed venue, can seat more than 100 guests for your wedding breakfast or that it must have an outdoor space for you to have your drinks reception outside amongst a glorious garden scape. It must also be within your budget and within your wedding day style.

I would start your search by determining (in solid terms) what your wedding style is. By this I mean are you elegant and stylish country style (and therefor you would want a manor house with a garden) or are you more elegant country rustic (therefore you would be looking for an elegant country barn which has that rustic element). This will be the start to your search as it will define your search.

Think about your budget next. What do you have the budget for? Will your budget stretch to what you are looking for or do you need to continue the search to find your ideal venue? This is a very important one. Always keep your venue budget in mind when searching for your venue. You want to keep in mind that you want to still be able to afford other elements to your wedding. Keep in mind that some venues have a minimum spend with them.

Determine what your other venue requirements are. What is your guest size? Will you be able to host x number of guests within the venue you are looking at. Many venues have a minimum and a maximum guest number restriction.

Can you bring in your own suppliers or does the venue you are looking at only have in house suppliers or a list of suppliers that you can only use. Keep this in the front of your mind when you are searching for your ideal venue.

Do you need the venue to be licensed for registry weddings? This will make all the difference to your venue choice as not every venue is licensed for registry weddings.

Another thing for you to keep in mind when it comes to choosing your venue (it may not be a deciding factor) and that is does the venue have any noise restrictions? If they do have noise restrictions what are they. This is a very important one to keep in mind when it comes to discussing music with your entertainment.

There are various different questions you should be asking your venue, these are just some of the questions to keep in mind when you start looking for your venue. When you visit your venue keep these questions in mind and keep in mind any things about the venue that you liked and things that you maybe are not so keen on. I would also keep in mind that it is best to not have too many "must haves" keep it simple as this will make your search for your wedding venue all the more easier.

Planning your wedding should be an enjoyable experience and one that I want to help you with. If you are ready to start your relaxed and enjoyable wedding planning journey, send me an email on or or you can come find me on Instagram and send me a DM there @cathrynemmaweddings to book your initial complimentary consultation. We can arrange to meet and you can tell me about your wedding vision.

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