How Much Alcohol Do You Need At Your Reception?

Deciding how much alcohol you might need for your drink’s reception can be stressful and can take you

extra time to try and work out how much you need for the number of guests.

Here are my top 5 tips on deciding how much alcohol you will need for your reception to avoid the worry and to give you guidance on the best way to proceed.

1. Don’t forget about soft drinks

Think about which of your guests would prefer a soft drink. Ask you self if there are any pregnant guests, or kids?

2. Does your venue charge you corkage?

Corkage refers to a restaurant, hotel or venue charging a customer to bring their own alcohol i.e. if you have a family member who owns a vineyard and they offer to supply all your wine, your venue could charge you corkage per bottle brought in.

I would suggest finding out from your venue if they charge corkage and if they do ask it they would be prepared to order in a specific wine rather than you bringing it in.

3. Consider a gin bar where your guests can have fun creating their own gin mixes.

This way you can cut down on other alcoholic beverages and your specialty teams will know how much liquor to bring in if you give them the guest numbers. Your guests will have the freedom to enjoy the different mixes.

4. If you feel that you would rather provide wine and champaign/prosecco

- A bottle of wine serves 4 comfortably

- A bottle of champaign/prosecco serves 6 comfortably

- Consider asking your servers to pour out the wine rather than the guests serving themselves, this avoids people going overboard with one bottle.

5. Know your wedding guest!

- Do they prefer drinking spirits? If so then you want to consider not having an expensive champaign/prosecco for your toasts.

- Are they more of a wine drinking crowd? They would then be less likely to order any of the spirits and you can keep these at a minimum.

If you need any more guidance and help in planning your wedding give me a call or an email (which ever you prefer) and we can discuss how I can help you plan a relaxed and spectacular wedding!

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