Updated: Sep 16, 2021

You might be asking yourself how much your wedding will cost and what are the necessary costs for your wedding.

There are no solid answers for this question because it is such a personal thing to each and everyone of you. The question you need to be asking yourself is how much you feel comfortable spending on your wedding and what is your main concern when it comes to your wedding? You may decide that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your wedding and want to focus on guest experience or you may decide that you want to have a large-scale wedding with all the extras added in. This is a decision you and your fiancé will need to decide on.

How much do weddings cost?

According to ( in an article in 2019 the average wedding in the uk cost around £31 974. Of the £31 974 the majority was spent on the venue hire, the honeymoon and the food.

When you break it all down, your wedding is going to be one of your biggest costs in your life and it is therefore something you want to do with a plan in mind and a budget in mind.

What you really want to focus on, is setting a budget early on before you start planning your wedding and realising you don’t have the funds to accomplish everything you wanted to. For more on budget planning see my blog post on budget planning –

Once you have worked out your budget you can start thinking on your wedding costs, breaking your budget down into the specifics. If you are not sure what you think is a realistic cost for all the different aspects of your wedding day, go find those suppliers that speak to your style and personality and see if they say how much their services cost, many do show this on their websites.

There are also many ways you can cut back on your costs ( but a word of caution, be realistic on what your expectations of the day will be, can you really see your wedding morning spent setting everything up?). If guest experience is of importance to you then think about cutting back on the number of guests, do you really need to invite those co-workers that you really don’t speak to on a daily basis? This is the question you need to ask your fiancé and think very carefully about. As your guest number increase so does your cost increase. The fewer guests means the more you can spend on arranging your special guest experience or that special wine/ champagne etc that you want to include.

When you do a venue visit to see if it is the right venue for you, make notes of how you can use the venue décor to your advantage. This way you can cut back on your décor costs. Try to think of creative ways to cut back on costs without making more for you to do, as that's the last thing you want to do.

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