How To Choose Your Wedding Colours

Your wedding colours set the tone of your wedding. Choosing your colours is an important step to planning your wedding. Which ever you choose to go with, these will be the theme for your wedding and this will set the overall atmosphere for your wedding. This should be a step that you take on in the early stages of planning as this will influence many of the other aspects of your planning process.

When you think about what colours you want for your wedding keep these tips in mind:

  • What overall tone do you want to set at your wedding? Different colours in different shades will inspire different attitudes from your guests and this will create an overall mood throughout your event. i.e. pastel colours encourage a calm mood.

  • Are you trying to go with the current trends for wedding colours or are you trying to be different. This will influence what colours you choose to go with.

  • If you have very different colours to the overall trend of colours, will you be able to find decor elements with matching colours? If you have very unique colours, how easily will you be a bale to find flowers in those colours?

  • Are you aiming to try recreate a particular theme, does this theme have very unique colours that identify it. Will you be able to make this theme a reality?

  • If you don't have a particular theme, what is your overall wedding style? This will influence the choice of colours you go for.

  • Have you thought about the colours that relate to the season you are getting married in?

  • Does your chosen colour scheme work with your chosen wedding venue (if you have already chosen your wedding venue)

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