How To Plan Your Classically Elegant Dream Wedding

You have an exciting journey ahead of you. The best place to start your wedding planning journey is in fact your budget. First, start by determining how much you want to spend on your wedding. This is a really important aspect to decide on as this will determine the rest of the wedding. The best way to work out your available budget is to sit down together and clarify how much you want to spend, and how much you have already saved.

Your Venue

Firstly, you need to determine where your ceremony and your reception will take place, are they at separate venues or at the same venue? If you are struggling with finding a venue suited to your needs, take a look at as there are many venues listed on their registry and they give the specific details such as child friendly, wheelchair friendly etc. Please note that my recommendation of Coco Wedding Venues is a genuine recommendation and not a paid for recommendation, they are a brilliant directory.

Next, I would recommend booking your meeting with either your registrar or your minister or both. You need to make sure that you have completed all legal aspects of getting married (for more information on the legal process view the government guidelines by clicking the link: and for Church of England ceremonies please click the link: ). This is a really important step and it is advisable that you do this as early as possible.

Wedding Planner

You may find that you need a wedding planner to help you plan your wedding (I may be about 90% biased on this 😉). A wedding planner has the expertise and industry knowledge to work with your vision and create your dream wedding.

Your chosen planner can be a valuable guide on suppliers and venues. If you are choosing to hire a wedding planner it is ideal to hire them from the very beginning.

Cake Makers:

If you have chosen to have a wedding cake (which in my opinion is a really lovely idea, they look divine and taste scrumptious), make a list of your top 5 cake makers (the reason for the top 5 is because your cake maker might be fully booked for the your chosen date). Email them in turn and once you have found an available cake maker, ask for sample box. This is very important as it gives you an idea as to the types of cake you want (and lets be honest it is a great excuse to eat cake).


Your stationary is the first glimmer that your guests have as to the style of your wedding. This helps to build up excitement! There are many amazing stationary designers out there and don’t hesitate to ask for samples of their work. Listen to their ideas as they often have brilliant ideas for the different types of stationary that you might need. This is a time to have fun with your designs and teasers. Keep your guests guessing!


Choosing a photographer can be a bit daunting but my advise would be to narrow down your options by searching for photographers who mainly work within the area in which you will be getting married, they know and understand the landscape and are very familiar with the venues within that region. A good place to start is via instagram, this is the ideal platform for photographers to showcase their images and their photographic style. You will find that not every photographer’s style will suit you. Again my advise is that you narrow down your list to your top 5 potential photographers as they can become booked up very quickly!


Your flower arrangements (including your bouquet, buttonholes etc) really make your event special and set the tone. Your florist will love it if they can use their creative skills to design fabulous flower arrangements for your day. Don’t allow others to influence you into a specific colour scheme. My best advice for you is to follow your own ideas in colours and flowers and allow your florist to come up with amazing designs with those colours and flowers. I would suggest looking on Pinterest to get some ideas. A good idea is to compile a mood board with the specific flower (i.e dahlias or roses) and search for your colour schemes by searching for “design seeds”. Design Seeds are brilliant colour pallets available on Pinterest and will give your florist plenty to work with.

Hair & Make Up:

What can I say? Who doesn’t like being pampered and having your hair and make-up done? This is a fabulous time for the everyone to bond (especially if they don’t know each other very well). There are amazing hair and make-up artists out there some who do both and some who are specialised in their field. I would seriously suggest that you have a trial done. This is the opportunity for you to see what style works best for you. I would suggest that you go prepared with at least 2 styles that you think you would like and allow your artist to advise you and show you what they think will work from your options.


Your entertainment is a great way to showcase your personality. You will need to consider your landscape, if part of this is outdoors consider how easy it will be for them to set up their equipment? There are various forms of entertainment and it can be nice to spice it up a little if the traditional does not appeal. Just be aware that your venue might have sound meters, so just check what decibel they are set to and make sure your entertainers are aware of this.


Once you have viewed your venue, assess what you may or may not need in the way of decor and furniture hire to create that desired ambiance. It will be far easier to choose your supplier once you have a good idea of what your decor style will be and what you may need to add to the venue (i.e lighting, tables, chairs etc). When you visit your venue make a list of all the items you need as this will make it easier when you are trying to select a decor/lighting company. My suggestion is that you try searching for your wedding style coupled with decor and furniture hire, i.e classic wedding furniture hire, elegant wedding decor hire, modern elegant decor and furniture hire etc.

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