Keeping your guests cool at your wedding

We are experiencing a current heat wave at the moment and many couples will be dealing with warmer weather with current temperatures being in their 30's and this weekend is due to have 25℃. So how do you keep yourself and your guests cool during your wedding day. Keep reading to find out my top tips on keeping cool during your wedding day?

1. Supply plenty of water.

Having plenty of fresh, cold water is a must during these hot days. You can do this either by providing bottles of ice cold water for your guests especially as they arrive. You can also have a water station with large jugs of water and plenty of glasses for your guests to help themselves. If you choose to have water jugs, why not add in refreshing slices of lemon or cucumber to help make your water refreshing. Keep these jugs of water filled with ice. Keep plenty of water available for yourself and guests throughout the day. This is a must as one of the great risks in the heat is dehydration.

2. Provide your guests with hand fans

These are easily available on Amazon for you to purchase and these can be handed out to guests, alternatively if you have the time, your order of services can be printed in the shape of Japanese hand fans (see image below) chat to your stationer about the possibility of this. This does provide some relief for your guests especially during your ceremony. Alternative options are sourcing electric fans if possible for your ceremony.

3. Provide shading for your guests

If you can, provide your guests with shading. This can be done by either finding some big umbrellas and carefully placing them to provide as much shading as is possible. Another option is to provide your guests with individual umbrellas (avoid black umbrellas as black absorbs heat rather than reflecting it.) These can be handed out to guests as they arrive. You can either hire these in or you can purchase them.

4. Encourage guests to take their hot jackets off remove ties if necessary

If guests are wearing suit jackets and ties, encourage them to remove them. Some might feel that they need to keep them on in respect for you and your wedding day so ideally you want to give them the encouragement to remove them.

5. Have plenty of soft drinks available

One of the biggest mistakes made by couples is only focusing on making sure there is enough alcohol for guests to drink and whilst this is important, it is more important to make sure there are enough soft drinks for guests when it's a hot day. You will find that guests tend to gravitate towards the soft drinks first before they try to find alcoholic drinks.

6. Get enough ventilation

This is especially important if you are getting married in a marquee. A marquee tends to be a little like a hot greenhouse in weather like this. The best way to help cool the marquee down if you can't get fans in, is to open some of the flaps to create a cross breeze and some ventilation. This also works for venues that don't have any fans but have windows you can open.

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