Let's Talk Wedding Budgets- Everything You Need To Know

I know I know, but this is a big one. You may ask, a budget, do I really need a budget? ⁠

The answer is YES, you do!

The first step you should be taking when planning your wedding is to determine your wedding budget. This is something you are going to have to discuss with your fiancé and something you need to determine from the very get go. It’s not always easy but start by determining what you are prepared to spend and what you can spend. You need to be realistic on this.

Once you have determined what your total budget is, you are going to want to break it down into the different aspects. This can be broken down into Venue, Photographer, Catering, Décor, Flowers, Hair & Make- Up, Lighting, Entertainment etc. It is easier to break this down into percentages and then work out the percentages of the total budget. You will need this when determining your suppliers. Some suppliers like a florist are going to need to know what budget they are working with so as to not overspend.

The easiest way to not overspend on your budget is to make sure that you do this break down and make sure you keep each portion of budget in mind when booking suppliers and when speaking to suppliers.

Be open and honest with your suppliers when you speak to them. Tell them what your budget is and ask them how to work within your budget.

The more details you are with your planning the easier this becomes. The best way to stay on top of your wedding budget is to put together a budget tracker, the best way to do this is via a spreadsheet.

Always find out beforehand what a suppliers cost is before booking them, you don’t want to find yourself over budget because you have booked a supplier way out of your budget.

When budget planning, also think about if anyone else is contributing. Maybe your sister is an excellent cake maker, and she is gifting you your wedding cake. This means that you can allocate that portion of the budget to other parts of your wedding budget. An aspect you want to spend a bit more on.

Budget Breakdown

Budget Break Down
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