My 5 Top Tips on Planning Your Micro Wedding

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement. This is a very exciting time for you so take a little time to enjoy the moment, don’t forget to drink that champaign, to take those images of your stunning engagement ring, to get pampered. This is all part of your journey to a very joyous and memorable occasion. Winter is a special time to create a cozy intimate and relaxed wedding so do consider the upcoming months for your special ‘I Do”

A great thing about micro weddings is how amazing and intimate these weddings are. They are so special and unique and they are a symbol of how much you two care about each other and chose to show that love now rather than waiting.


When thinking about the guest list think about your top 5 people each (if you have a mutual guest that is part of that 5, assign that person to one of you and assign their plus 1 as one of the 5 of your partner) who mean the most to you and who you could never imagine this special moment without. That takes you to 10 guests and leaves you with 5 extra guest spots available and gives you that wiggle room.


I would suggest you doing is to find a venue that you know is happy to take on a micro wedding, there are plenty of venues that will (but be aware that some have a minimum size restriction). Have a look at sites such as Coco wedding venue.

3. I want you to consider what aspects of your wedding celebration are a must have and what can you do without. I know that viewing other peoples weddings and the images you see on Pinterest can make you feel that you have to do certain things. This is not the case. This day is about you and your partner making that commitment to each other and nothing is more important that that. You will find that when you sit down to plan your wedding and you will come up with items on that list that you feel that are not you and you can do with out or you can limit them down to suit your needs. This will help you feel more confident about your budget and about planning the different aspects of your wedding.

4. Now I am sure you are starting to wonder if a micro wedding is for you? You will know its for you if you have already been doing your research into planning a micro wedding, this a sure indication that you have been giving this plenty of thought and are looking for confirmation that this is for you.

5. Another way to identify if a micro wedding is for you is your guest list, if you find it easy to narrow down your list to your top 5 guests each (i.e 10 guests) then you know that conducting a micro intimate wedding with the most important people in your lives is something that is very possible. If narrowing down your list to even 15 people is hard and you find that you have many more special guests that you want to invite then this is a good indication to wait and celebrate your special day when having a larger wedding is possible again (and I am very sure that this isn’t too far away in our future so hang in there).

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days that you two spend together (not the only one as I promise you there will be more happy days) and making the right decision is hard so I hope that I have given you some guidance and you can go on to plan your wedding.

Good luck with your planning and enjoy your journey!

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