My Love Affair With Weddings

I have always been drawn to the hospitality industry, which is a bit strange when I am an introvert. I become very shy when it comes to personal social situations. However, by pure luck I ended up completing my final year of my Cordon Bleu training at a high end wedding and events caterer. I always enjoyed working the weddings particularly. I loved seeing the weddings come to life and seeing the different styles.

A couple of years later, weddings have become my career. I love working in the wedding industry. Being part of this industry where the main goal is to bring to life a couples vision and to make a memorable and magical day, is truly a big reason why I love being part of this industry. Every time I coordinate a wedding or assist another planner, I have the great opportunity to see different weddings and to learn something new. I love seeing all the different style, set ups and particularly I love seeing all the different wedding outfits, particularly the brides dress.

I became a wedding planner for the sole reason of helping couples navigate their wedding planning journey and to help them avoid the mistakes made by others. I want to help my couples by providing them with the best possible advice to help them plan their wedding with ease. I want to help couples deal with all their wedding planning concerns.

I love working with other wedding creatives to pull together a couples wedding vision. Seeing the transformation of the couples chosen wedding venue to become their wedding day.

The core reason to my becoming a wedding planner was to help couples have an enjoyable wedding planning experience and a relaxed and stress free wedding day.

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