Planning Your Drinks Reception

This is the next part of your big day, after you have said your vows and been pronounced married.

This is a great time to to start relaxing, grab your special drink and enjoy those canapés that you carefully chose.

Your drinks reception is more or less the waiting time for your guests whilst you have all those photos. Now whilst you take your photos you want to keep them entertained, watered and fed. You actually don't need to go over board with the entertainment. If you are wanting to keep it really simple you can just have some back ground music and allow them to mingle. You do however need to provide them something to drink. Generally some type of alcoholic beverage is served as well as soft. You can decide what is best for you. You do need to think about feeding your guests something even if it is just a few canapés.

One thing I really want to stress about this time is that you need to think about what seating you have for your guests and if you are outdoors for this part you need to consider shading (if the sun is still shining). Things happen and you could take longer with photos than expected (though I suggest that you try and avoid this) and your guest then are getting over standing and are being slowly cooked by the sun (this is only if you do have sun). Just be conscious that you will have grumpy and over heated guests if you just leave them for too long without adequate seating or shade.

What to think about:


You will need to think about feeding your guests something at this point. Whilst your guests are waiting for your family photos to be taken and for you to take your couple photos. you can choose to do either a harvest table or canapés. Traditionally canapés are served as this is just the the pre drinks to the main party. You will have your main meal at your wedding reception. Good ideas to keep in mind is that your guests are going to be drinking alcohol and that they will need to soak up that alcohol. Think about those carbohydrates. You can be creative with this. Speak to your caterer. they will be able to give you amazing advice of what canapés to choose and what way will work best.


You need to provide your guests something to drink during this period. You don't have to serve alcohol . If you do choose to serve alcohol you don't have to have a full bar available. You can serve a selection of drinks. make sure there are some soft drinks available.


It is a good idea to have some entertainment at your drinks reception. You can choose anything. Typically it's background music with either a DJ or live entertainment.. You can choose to do almost anything as long as it is within your budget. Have fun with it.


This is the right on time to do your group photographs. Think of your list of photographs before hand and give them to your photographer beforehand. This gives them enough time to prepare and they will give you an approx. time it will take to get those photos done.

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