Planning Your Summer Wedding

Summer is an exciting time and full of so many possibilities!

There is an abundance of summer wedding ideas out there and I can imagine that it could feel a little overwhelming. Finding the right balance between creativity and practicality is important. There are various aspects to consider when planning your summer wedding.

An important thing to consider is what drinks you will be serving. Think about serving your guests some refreshing water as soon as the ceremony is over, you can offer both still and sparkling water, and here you can be creative. At your reception consider serving enough soft drinks and for advice see my blog post on what drinks to serve at your reception.

Another thing to contemplate is shaded seating. On the off chance that it is a very hot day and not raining 😉 and you are having some part of your special day outdoors you need to consider what seated shading you can provide for your guests. This is extremely important if your drinks reception is outside and your guests are milling about chatting and photos are being taken. Some guests will want to take the weight off their feet especially your older guests but will be truly grateful if it is shaded seating.

There are so many ideas out there on Pinterest which you might find a bit daunting, however the one idea I want to bring to your notice which is brilliant and lovely for your guests and that is your order of service. Consider creating your order of service as a hand fan (see some ideas here on Pinterest). If your ceremony is outdoors and it is warm day your guests will be very thankful for this (just make sure that you keep 2 aside for you two). Speak to your stationary designer about this.

Think very carefully about the food you are serving; it would be ideal to not serve your guests a heavy meal on a hot day. Consider serving something light but fulfilling.

Consider making use of the wonders in nature. There is an abundance of inspiration that one can take from the fabulous colours that one sees in summer, choose from the exquisite seasonal flowers to create your table settings and your bridal bouquet.

With a little bit of help and guidance, planning your spectacular wedding is not as stressful as it may appear. Get in touch if you require some expert help with planning your Summer Wedding.

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