Questions To Ask Your Potential Wedding Suppliers.

When you start to look around for your suppliers you might want to think about asking them some pertinent questions which should help you to determine whether or not they are the right supplier for you. I would defiantly ask most of these questions if not all. Many of them will be deciding factors in whether or not you choose to go with one supplier over another.

  1. Are they available for your chosen date?

  2. Do they have the relevant insurance?

  3. Are all the images on their website theirs?

  4. If not can you see any work they have done specifically?

  5. What are the different costs and what does that include?

  6. Will they be able to set up the day before (this is only relevant if your venue allows for set up the day before)?

  7. What are their health and safety procedures?

  8. Do they have a minimum spend for their service?

  9. What is the cost for extra hours (if this is a service that will be with you the whole night)

  10. Do they include travel costs?

  11. Who will be there on the day of the event?

  12. Do they need any extra equipment hired in (this is more relevant for your caterer or the bar)

  13. How flexible are they are making changes to their packages?

  14. What is their typical style of wedding that they normally do?

  15. What is their payment schedule?

  16. Who will be the contact person on the day?

  17. Can you see any physical samples of their work (this is relevant for photographers, florists, cake makes, caterers, etc)?

  18. Can you see work that they have done that they were most proud of?

  19. Have they worked at your venue before?

  20. Do they have a cut off time that they need to leave by?

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