Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

Searching for your ideal wedding venue might seem like an overwhelming task but when you start the hunt for your venue there are a few questions that would be pertinent to ask. You will want to ask many of these before you settle on a particular venue and sign on the dotted line.

  1. What is their availability around the time you want to get married (if you don't already have a date in mind)?

  2. What are their health and safety procedures?

  3. Do they have insurance?

  4. Do they have a civil ceremony licence?

  5. What is their capacity for a ceremony?

  6. What is their capacity for a drinks reception?

  7. What is their capacity for a sit down meal?

  8. What is the venue hire fee?

  9. Do they have a minimum spend?

  10. Do they have exclusive hire?

  11. What other costs are involved (i.e. are there separate costs)

  12. Can you hire your own suppliers or is there a preferred supplier list?

  13. Do they have a set noise restriction and if so what is it?

  14. Can you bring your own alcohol?

  15. If so what is the corkage fee?

  16. What time must the last guest leave and what is the cost to stay longer?

  17. Is there a disability access?

  18. What are the rules about lighting (i.e. can you have open candles)?

  19. What are the rules on parking?

  20. What are the rooms available for the day or is there only one?

  21. What time must the bar close?

  22. Who will be there on the day representing the venue?

  23. Is there a bridal suit for getting ready?

  24. Do they have any rules on confetti and what are they?

  25. Is it a child friendly venue?

  26. Is there any accommodation onsite or do they have any suggestions?

  27. Can suppliers set up the day before?

  28. If not what time on the day will they be able to start setting up?

  29. Do they have onsite catering?

  30. What staff are going to be available and do you need to hire in extra staff?

I hope this helps you find your ideal wedding venue for your special day. Taking the time to identify the ideal wedding venue for you is worth taking the time. These are the questions that every couple should be asking their perspective venues. Good luck.

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