Relaxed Marquee Wedding

I was lucky enough to be pulled into this wedding for Jo & Paul for their relaxed marquee wedding with ceilidh dancing as their final part of their wedding day entertainment.

Jo & Paul decided that they wanted an incredibly relaxed day, starting with a Quaker wedding ceremony (for those who are not sure how this works, this is an added element to a normal Quaker meeting) with all those who attended the ceremony signing their marriage certificate all the guests made their way to the couples home for their marquee reception.

Keeping things low key, Jo & Paul opted for naked tabled with lovely green napkins which complimented their green Chinese lanterns and their beautifully green garden. Jo deciding that she was not the type for a traditional white wedding dress, she wore a lovely green jumpsuit which really looked lovely with her hair done up in a lovely chignon.

Guests were greeted with glasses of Prosecco and canapés and mingled around the stunning garden. This was followed by a stunning family style meal catered by Ripe Events. Guests were able to enjoy lovely platters of beef along side different salads of the couples specific choosing.

After enjoying their meal the guests were invited to enjoy some ceilidh dancing which they enjoyed with great enthusiasm.

A lovely wedding day.

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