Should You Do Canapés At Your Drinks Reception

Honest answer, YES. Well, to be more specific, should you feed your guests something at your drinks reception and the answer is yes, you really do need to feed your guests something.

If costs are an issue I would strongly recommend you skip having a starter in favour of something during the drinks reception. A very popular choice is, of course, canapés as these are meant to be light and something that will keep your guests going until they have the wedding breakfast ( if you are not based in the UK this is your main wedding meal).

Saying that, you don't have to settle for canapés if they don't suit your style. You have other options, one which is a personal favourite (but I love cheese so you can understand why) and that is to have a grazing table (or harvest table). This is usually a table of different cheeses, cold meats, spreads etc.

I have a few very good reasons why you should serve food during your drinks reception, these are:

1. Your guests will most likely not have eaten except for breakfast and they will be needing something to eat by this point (and we want to avoid "hangry" guests.)

2. They will also be drinking and they will needing something to soak up that alcohol and you don't want your guests getting drunk this early on.

3. It helps occupy your guests whilst you are busy taking photos etc.

4. I can guarantee you, you will want some food for yourself as you will be hungry and you will be needing something to eat by this point.

5. Delays happen, this is a norm for a wedding and you want to make sure that your guests get something to eat to bridge the gap between the end of the ceremony and the actual wedding breakfast. Especially if you have opted to do your speeches before dinner is served.

I would strongly recommend that you opt in for food during your drinks reception, sit down with your caterer and work out what your options are. What style would suit you best. There is always a way to work out what will suit you the best.

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