Should You Use Pinterest To Plan Your Wedding?

Pinterest is an amazing platform and is full of amazing inspiration. You can find wonderful inspiration to help you plan your wedding and provide you with ideas for your decor. The substantial about of inspiration and wedding imagery out there can become a little overwhelming. So how do you avoid becoming overwhelmed? Read on to find out my best tips on planning your wedding with the help on Pinterest...

To start with create a fresh board and organise that board into the different aspects of planning your wedding (cake, flowers, decor etc). Pinterest has a feature that allows your to organise your board into smaller boards which can be very helpful. Keeping it organised will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

When you start searching for your inspiration be specific in your search parameters. Avoid being too broad in your search words. Instead of just "wedding inspiration". Use key words such as "Summer, outdoor wedding inspiration" or "Spring elegant country manor wedding inspiration". This will help filter out the posts that are not relevant to you. It would be better if you refined your search words to the specific element you are looking for i.e. "spring, elegant, pastel wedding cake ideas" This will help you avoid feeling too overwhelmed by the many ideas that are out there.

When conducting your search, keep in mind that this is just for inspiration and to help your suppliers to know what you want. Don't get too caught up on a specific look when it might not be within your budget. Keep the posts that you save to a minimum.

It's worth keeping in mind that and image of a flower installation for example might have been created specifically for a styled shoot and might not actually be feasible for a wedding. If it is something you are interested in, show it to your suppliers and see if they can make it work for you within your budget and the time that they have to work in.

Have fun with your inspiration.

If you need a bit more advice book a power hour with me and I can help you with your ideas.

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