Tips on Making Your Out of Town Guests Feel Welcome

When you invite out of town guests, one question that might arise is how to make them feel welcome or is there anything that I can do to make it easier for those guests.

Well here are my top 7 top tips to make them feel welcome:

1. Create a top 5 list of local hotels for them to choose from that are within good travel distance to the wedding venue.

2. Inform them of the best way to get from the airport to their hotels. This is especially important if the closest hotel isn't in the same city as the wedding venue.

3. Let them know what the best methods of transport are if they are night driving there themselves. (i.e. maybe the trains are unreliable or the bus route doesn't run often). It is always useful to know this especially if they are coming from a different country. If necessary provide them the a list of taxi companies.

4. Depending on your budget, you might want to consider arranging for transport. This doesn't have to be very fancy, something as simple as a large tour bus that will collect them from their hotel at a certain time and then will pick them up from the venue at a certain time. If they miss it then it is up to them to arrange other transport (i.e. a taxi).

5. Again depending on budget, you can put together a little emergency kit for your out of town guests (i.e. sunscreen if it is the middle of a very hot summer, pain killers, a printed map of the town, local taxi numbers, eye masks, etc). These little touches are useful for out of town guest and it's that little thought that goes into a thing like this that will be greatly appreciated. It might sound like a faf, but it is a lovely detail for your guests.

6. On approval from your wedding planner, but a good idea is to provide your out of town guests (particularly those from a different country) with your wedding planners number (the number of the person who will be co-ordinating on the day). this isn't to be given out lightly, but it is ideal for them to have your planners number to contact for wedding related things (i.e. we seem to have lost the times for the bus arrival what time will that be or we are lost and can't find the wedding venue).

7. Have a little get together for out of town guests and local family. Its always useful especially if your guests don't know any other guests at the wedding. It makes them feel welcome and they then at least know other people there other than yourselves.

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