Top Questions On Writing Your Wedding Speeches.

If you are planning on having speeches at your wedding you might be wondering who traditionally gives speeches, is it ok if you give a speech, candour bridesmaids give a speech and where to start when it comes to crafting your speech. Read below for the answers to these questions and more...

1. Should you have speeches at your wedding?

In all honesty I would schedule some type of speech. If you don't what you will inevitably have is people speaking ad hoc and speaking for as long as they wish. This won't matter if you don't have a catering company providing food and you don't have a time schedule. If however, you do have a time schedule to work towards then I would seriously suggest you schedule in speeches and you inform your catering team of when you would like the speeches to take place, how many speeches there will be and roughly how long they will be.

2. Who traditionally gives speeches at a wedding?

Traditionally the Father of the Bride, the Groom and the Best Man. Now days both the Best man and the Maid of Honour have become traditional for speeches. Do you have to stick to this, no you don't. Can you have others speak or swap around others. Yes of course you can.

3.Is it wrong for the bride to give a speech?

If we were talking 1950 I think yes it would be frowned upon for the bride to be so presumptuous to give a speech however; as we are 2022, there is absolutely no reason for you to not give a speech at your own wedding, to say a few words and to give your own thanks. If you are including your speech amongst the other traditional speeches then I would suggest that you keep them short and to the point (this goes for all the speeches and not just the Brides speech).

4. How long should your speeches be?

Honestly, this is really up to you however what I would say is don't make them long especially if there are a few speeches. Why do I suggest you keep them short? Typically speeches either happen before food is served or after people have finished eating. They either will be hungry or they will be itching to move on from their tables. If you prolong the speeches, people will become grumpy and impatient. They won't listen to your speeches especially the last few given etc. I would stick to 5 at maximum in terms of numbness of speeches and I would not make them longer than 2 min each. If you were to actually write your speech and time yourself, you will realise how long 2 minutes actually is.

5. What should you say in your speech?

This really depends on who is giving the speech. If it is the Father of the Bride, typically this consists of fond memories of the bride, how happy they are that their daughter has been taken on as a spouse and how happy they are in taking in their new in-law to the family fold. I usually would suggest that this comes from the heart. Typically the groom says a few words in recognition of his new family, thanks of the bridesmaids and his groomsmen as well as some lovely words about his bride.Again I say speak from the heart, these always make the best speeches. If it is the batsman or Maid of Honour, I would speak about your fond memories of the groom/bride, how you met, how you met their new someone special, etc. If it's a brides speech, you can do a mirror image of the grooms speech. For all theses speeches, I would say forget about what is traditionally said by the specific roles and rather speak from the heart, thank those who need to be thanked for helping to pull together this special day and keep it personal.

6. When is the best time during the day for speeches to happen?

The best time to do speeches is usually after mains have been cleared and before desserts are served. The reason behind this is because your guests will be well fed by this point, it gives a good amount of time between mains and dessert for your guests to not feel so overly full and for the catering team to clear down from mains and to set up for dessert.

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