Top Tips On Traveling To South Africa- How to Cope With A 12 Hour Flight

Granted, this is a long flight, but it is worth it, so what can you do to make this a more comfortable flight?

A non stop flight to South Africa is around 12 hours (depending on which city you are flying to), and it isn't easy to sit and do nothing. My best advice to you is to arrive at the airport prepared. ⁠

What do I mean by prepared? I mean finding the best way to A. entertain yourself for those 12 hours and B. help you relax and sleep for most of the journey.⁠


-A book, I would suggest that you make this an ebook as the lighting isn't brilliant. Most flights to SA are done during the evening (some will be during the day) and it isn't ideal reading light. Also you might change your mind as to which book you intend to read and an e-reader makes this easier to cope with.

- Downloading Netflix episodes on your app⁠. You can do this if you have Netflix on a tablet (or even on your phone if you feel you can watch things on your phone). The reason I suggest this is because you might enjoy relaxing to a video but find absolutely nothing of interest on the in flight entertainment. You can also do this with Prime Video.

-Audio Books⁠. I find an audio book narrated by a good narrator is ideal to entertain and to help relax. This is also something you can put onto a sleep timer for. This is the best advice I can offer you as it will help drown out the sound of the plane and with the sleep timer on you won't miss anything.


-I said before that you should have an audiobook downloaded but you can also have a selection of music which you find relaxing. Music can also do the work of drawing out the sound of the engine and if you find this more relaxing then this is a good idea (to be honest I have both so that I can decide on my mood at the time).

- A scent that helps you feel more relaxed. This might sound a bit strange but scent is a well known emotional trigger and depending on the scent, you can feel different emotions. There are scents that will make you feel more calm or relaxed and this triggers your mind into releasing any tension. It doesn't matter what the scent is. This differs from person to person but a good one that often works for multiple people and that is lavender oil. I keep some in a roller ball bottle which makes it easier to roll onto both my temples and behind my ears. This might not be something that appeals to you and that is understandable.

- Have face wipes to clean your face. Again you might be wondering at my logic, but actually it makes sense. If you have had a stressful or tiring day, washing your face is often something that makes you feel better. Think about it. This is especially useful if you have worn make-up and don't want to leave it on.

-Choose comfortable clothing that you can sleep in and you also don't mind being seen in.⁠ This is a big one. If wearing jeans is not comfortable for you but you don't want people to see you in your PJ's then consider wearing sweatpants or something similar that is super comfortable, not restricting and you can sleep in. This was possibly the best design I ever made when it comes to traveling long distance.

-Your neck pillow, this is an important one. Don't underestimate the importance of a good neck pillow.⁠ Now I know people who don't need this, my brother is one, but I find that it is important for me. Choose carefully if you are wanting to buy your own. Find something that is going to give you the support that you need. Memory foam is also a possibility if you foresee yourself traveling more in the future.

Make sure you drink enough water during the flight (trips to the loo are an extra bonus as you should get up to walk regularly). Keeping hydrated is really a good idea.

Enjoy your flight. - For more tips on planning your destination wedding, follow me on Instagram @cathrynemmaweddings

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