Wedding Budgets- My Top 5 Tips

Planning your wedding day is an incredibly special moment and just as you would when planning anything else (be it a house, a holiday etc) you need to have a budget in mind as to how much you want to spend. This is a very important step in your planning process that you need to give it some thought.

I don’t expect either of you to just pull a figure out your head and know exactly what you are planning on spending on your special day so here are my 5 top tips on how to determine your wedding budget.

1. You both need to sit down and think about how much you want to spend on your wedding and determine how much you already have saved up. It is ideal that you do this from the get-go as you will find that it paves the way forward.

2. If what you have saved does not quite resemble what you want to spend then think about what you can realistically save in the run up to your wedding and also think a little more creatively about where you can be more flexible. I also want you to make a note of if any family members/ friends have said they can contribute to your wedding day, for example your aunt is a dress maker and she has offered to make your dress for you as your wedding gift. That should take a load off your shoulders and your budget.

3. Once you have this figured out the next tip, I have for you is to allocate percentages of your budget to the various aspects of your wedding to help you stay in budget i.e 60% to venue and catering.

4. Ideally to stay within budget you need to be careful of exceeding your allocated percentage of budget per aspect (i.e going overboard at the florist). If you for example the photographer that you want exceeds the allocated percentage, consider being more flexible and not going so extravagant on the flowers or décor or lighting. Maybe you go for a different option for the entertainment for the drinks reception.

5. Keep organised, this will help you stay within budget in the long run.

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