What Happens at Your Drinks Reception

What can you expect to happen at your wedding reception (otherwise known as your wedding breakfast)?

The specifics of this questions depends entirely on you but in general you have your carefully thought of menu, your new spouse, your father and anyone else gives a speech (which are hopefully not too long) and after all of this you will share your first dance with your new spouse. This is generally thought of as the fun part, the part where everyone lets their hair down.

Anything more that you choose to do is up to you. You can have your ceremony cake cutting, you can have your first dance with your spouse, you can have any games, a photo booth and a bar for your guests to allow themselves to relax.

Your wedding reception will generally star with your specially chosen meal. The type of meal you choose to have will depend on you and what you want. What style of wedding you have. In most instances you have a starter, a main and a dessert.

Normally you will have your starter and your main and just before your dessert you will have your speeches. Once you have had your dessert, it is most common for couples to do their ceremonial cutting of the cake (unless this is part of your dessert) and they you and your spouse will open your dance floor with your first dance as a married couple. Then the dancing usually begins.

Many couples have a parent child dance (more commonly referred to as the father taught dance) but this has changed a little but during this time many people intermingle swap tables and and start to get drinks from the bar that suit their taste more.

The dance floor us now the main event of the evening and you and your guests can spend most of the evening enjoying the popular music that you can all sing to (you know those songs that I am talking about, the ones that even your aunt knows, like "Come On Eileen").

These are the usual aspects of your wedding reception and which you will most likely want to do. Anything more is up to you. You can have a photo booth which means that people can get silly and take photos together, you can have a special type of drinks bar (i.e. like a gin bar) and many other fun things to entertain your guest.

The rest is up to you.

Enjoy planning your wedding reception and enjoy your special day. Follow me on Instagram for more tips and advice.

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