What Is The Difference Between A Wedding Planner & A Venue Coordinator?

This is a very natural question to ask and one that gets asked by many couples. You may be wondering if there is any difference between the two and the answer is YES. There is a difference. You may also be wondering if you need a wedding planner if you have a venue coordinator. The answer is if you can't see yourself planning your wedding yourself then yes you need a wedding planner. Let me tell you the reason behind that.

The main differences between the two are namely that that they have different roles to play namely:

1. A wedding planner will be working for you as opposed to the venue. You hire your wedding planner specifically after carefully selecting the person you choose to hire. Your choice depends on if you connect with them on a personal level. You choose your venue based on the venue itself and the coordinator comes with the venue. Depending on the venue they might assign you a coordinator that is available for your wedding date. This is not to say you won't click with your venue coordinator and many are very lovely. You just don't get to make that choice.

2. A wedding planner will be your guide, your friend and will help you with every aspect of your wedding planning . They will help you find the ideal suppliers suitable for you, your budget and your style, they will help you with all your logistics, they will lease with all your suppliers on every aspect, they will be there for you through every step of the journey.

3. A venue coordinator will help you with everything as far as the venue is concerned. They might be able to supply you with a list of suppliers but this will be those who are connected with the venue, they might be commission based ( on this the same can be said of wedding planners but try to find one that does not accept commission, and you can do this via platforms like That is not to say that their suppliers are no good just because they are commission based. Just be sure that you choose wisely.

4. Your venue can't guarantee that the coordinator you have been working with will be there on the day. For various reasons there might be a different person on the day. Many only work Mon-Fri from 9-5.

5. Your wedding planner will only take on a limited amount of clients a year to make sure that they can I've you the best possible time and effort when it comes to planning your wedding and if they need to hire an alternative planner to coordinate, this will be because they really can't make it for reasons out of their control (i.e. they test positive for covid or they suddenly go into labour) and the chosen planner will be someone who has taken charge of other weddings before and whom will be briefed in full.

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