What To Do On Your Wedding Morning

It's the morning of your big day, you might be feeling that build up of anticipation but what should you do on the morning of your wedding?

Your wedding morning should be one of relaxation, sipping a glass of Prosecco or Champaign with your friends, getting pampered and taking the moment to enjoy your morning.

There is one big thing that I want to emphasis. Whilst you relax and enjoy your time, make sure you eat something. Have a good breakfast in the morning and eat something for lunch. By the time you actually get to eat something (as it can be hard for you to eat any of the canapés as you will be needed in all of the photographs) you will be very hungry if you don't eat anything for lunch. Do not neglect this please.

If you have hired a wedding coordinator- leave the worry and care in their hands. That's what you have hired them for. Don't worry yourself over the details. You can leave that in your coordinators hands. Allow yourself the surprise of seeing your venue done up and ready when you walk in for the first time as a married couple. Don't go checking in on it during the morning.

This is your special day... relish the moment. Take the time to enjoy it. Invite your family and friends to join you throughout the morning (by this I mean your mum, your aunt etc not every person otherwise you will be over crowded). Having your family around you will create a calm and relaxed environment and if you are really worried allow them to o check that thins are run-in smoothly, you want to relax and enjoy yourself.

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