What To Do The Day Before The Wedding

You might be wondering what you can do on the day before your wedding day. What is the best way to spend this day? This is completely dependant on you and your own family situations; however, I thought I would give you some ideas for what you can do on the day before your wedding day.

Arrange a get together for the two families.This is a great way for the families to spend the day before and if the families don't know each other that well. You can arrange a dinner either at a family home or go to a restaurant. It's a lovely time for the families, they get to enjoy themselves and for you as the couple to relax and have an enjoyable evening. If your groomsmen and bridesmaids are not actually family members, I would consider inviting them to the family get together, especially if they are from out of town.

Arrange a spa day for you and your girls/ guys day for you and your groomsmen. This is a great way for you to have an enjoyable relaxing time. Spend the day with your wedding team. Take the time to enjoy the day and have a good bonding time (I would avoid excessive drinking as you want to be fresh for your wedding day). Depending on what you want to do but good ideas include booking a spa day to get papered with your bridal team, go and get your nails done, get a massage and get wedding day ready. Think about including your mum and your aunts as they might enjoy the day with you. Arrange a BBQ, quiz, poker and games night to spend quality time with your groomsmen. Another option is a golf day and include your fathers and uncles.

Enjoy some quiet time. You have a very big day the next day and there will be much going on the next day. You will be taking your final step as a single person. Sometimes just enjoying that quiet time before the big day is a great idea. For many people (particularly introverts) this is their ideal. Quiet time with someone close (i.e. your mum or your sister or your best friend) is a great way for you to enjoy your day before your wedding. Practice walking down the aisle. Enjoy a glass of fizz and relax.

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