What You Need To Know About Your Drinks Reception

You might think that your drinks reception isn't very important and that you don't need to put much effort into planning it.

Depending on how long your ceremony is and how long it may take your guests to make their way from the ceremony location to the drinks reception location, will determine how Hungary snd thirsty and ready to relax your guests are.

Ideally you want to be able to provide your guests with something to eat to take the edge off any hunger and to help with soaking up any alcohol they might be drinking. You will want to find the right balance of keeping in budget, tasty canapés, elegant canapés and can apes that can be relatively substantial enough for your guests to not become over hungry. If you have been to any weddings recently where canapés have been served, try to think about what they served, how you felt whilst waiting for dinner and if there was anything that you would much rather avoid. I would suggest that you try and make sure that you have enough canapés for the length of time that your guests are waiting between the ceremony ending and when food service begins.

When you are thinking about the amount of food you will need to supply to your guests during your drinks reception, think about whether you are planning on having speeches or anything else that will delay food service and mean your guests will have longer to wait for their food. Based on previous experience, guests can feel particularly hungry if they are kept waiting and they can become a little fractious if they are hungry and standing around waiting for the wedding breakfast.

Another question that you may be asking is, "do you need to provide many different types of drinks at your drinks reception?" The simple answer is NO, you don't. This does not mean that you can't provide multiple types of drinks at your drinks reception. However you don't need to feel obliged to provide them this is just your drinks reception. For your drinks reception, I would make the suggestion that you keep it simple, have one specific drink such as Prosecco or a cocktail such as a special Gin & Tonic, One alternative drink such as beer and then a specific soft drink option such as elderflower and sparkling water. Your guests can wait for later in the evening for various different options to drink.

Ready to get some extra help planning your drinks reception? Why not book an inspiration session with me and we can chat through your drinks reception details.

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