Why A Wedding Planner Is More Than Your Wedding PA

Understandably there are many ideas on how a wedding planner works. Some may have the idea that we are a little like the wedding planner Marion St Claire in "Bride Wars" or maybe your idea is along the lines of Mary Fiore in the "Wedding Planner". Each wedding planner has their own personality and style, but overall we are there to make sure that your wedding planning journey is a stress free process and that your wedding day runs as smoothly and efficiently as Mary Fiore shows in the "Wedding Planner".

However, as many wedding planners will tell you, there is a lot more to wedding planners than just dealing with your wedding admin. Keeping track of your wedding admin and contacting and leasing with suppliers is definitely a part of why you would hire a wedding planner to help you plan your wedding, however; we are also there to help you set your wedding budget and assign it to the different elements of your wedding (i.e. venue, catering, flowers, entertainment etc), to use our industry knowledge to help you find suitable (in terms of your budget and your wedding style) suppliers, to provide you with all your industry knowledge relevant to you and to help you make your decisions based on this knowledge. We will see with you regularly, track your RSVPs, pull together the various different elements of your wedding day and we make sure all this planning results in your wedding day. On top of this we make sure that on the day, everything runs smoothly, that if any hiccups occur they are dealt with.

Each wedding planner sets up their full wedding planning differently but overall most wedding planners work along these lines.

When you choose to work with me I help you plan your wedding to your specific needs, working within your specific budget to pull together your wedding so that your personality shines through. I am there with you through every step of the planning process and will be there on the day, making sure your day runs smoothly, that all the relevant details are in place and that any hiccups that might arise are dealt with efficiently.

When you choose to work with me, your vision is the main focus and all the planning will result in ,making your vision and personality shine through. My Full Planning Service is designed to make into account your specific planning needs and to help guide you through all your decision making. It is the ideal service for you if you are a busy couple who don't have the tie to plan your wedding yourselves or maybe you want the expertise and guidance from a wedding planning expert. No matter what your reason is, I will be there to help you plan your spectacular wedding.

Ready to start planning your wedding in a stress free mannered that your wedding day runs smoothly and efficiently? Book your complimentary consultation and let's chat about your wedding vision and plans.

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