Why Having A Table Plan Is Important

Having arranged seating may seem like a little bit of a faf and it might very well be if you are having a micro wedding with fewer than 50 guests. If you are having more than 50 guests, I would suggest that you create a table plan and sign people to specific tables. Why you might ask? Well there are 2 very good reasons.

1. You avoid squabbles as to where everyone is sitting and having to mediate these squabbles. If people have signed seats then there are fewer issues for you to deal with. People don't usually take issue with their assigned seats. On this note, you don't have to specifically seat people in specific spaces at the table, you can just type them out in a list which can also be the order in which you seat them. This is then up to you.

2. This saves time. If people are told where they are sitting and shown where they are sitting you can save a lot of time and avoid the hassle of people wandering about searching for their seats. This can be made easier by putting place names at the table to signify that they must sit tin their specific spots. It will also be made easier if you allocate table numbers or table names to each table.

To create a well run day and to make sure your day runs on time, ideally you want to have a printed out table plan which you put on display and which people can easily look at to know which table they are seated at.

If you assign people to specific tables and put down place names at specific seats, this then saves time when it comes to dinner service especially if you have given you guests the option of choosing their meal and this has been pre-chosen. It helps your catering team know how many of each dish goes to each table and to whom. It means that service can run smoothly and that it can be kept on time.

You may now be wondering how you can go bout arranging a table plan. After you have received your RSVPs, assigned your guests to tables you can make contact with a stationer and they will go through the process of drawing up the design of your table plan and they will print it for you. If you hired a stationer for your wedding invitations, go back and ask them if they also offer the creation of table plans/ seating plans. They can also probably create any of your table numbers/table names, place settings and if you also want to think about it a menu for the table. If you do go back to the stationer that creates your RSVPs (if you have already made contact with them) this means that they can keep to the same style as that of your invitations.

If you need more help planning your wedding, why not book a Wedding Inspiration Session with me to help you plan your wedding, or if you would like to have full guidance in planning your wedding lets chat over a cup of coffee about your wedding plans.

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