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Proposal Planning

Ready to go down on bended knee and ask your special someone to spend the rest of your life with you, but not sure how to go about planning this special moment?

Couple in Love

Are you ready to ask the BIG question but maybe you are not sure where to start in planning that magical moment or  you don't have the time to put together you plan. The aim of my proposal planning is to help you plan your proposal to your specific needs. Asking your future fiancé the all important question is enough for you to worry about without having the concerns of planning the process which is where I come in. I am here to help you pull together the different elements that will make a romantic and magical moment.

The different ways in which I can help you with planning your proposal are: finding a suitable location (that is ideal for you), sourcing the different elements that will create that magical moment, providing you with ideas that will suit you and your future fiancé, helping to set up and style your chosen location to make sure all is in place.

Ready to start planning your perfect proposal? Contact me or pop me an email and we can discuss the best way in which I can help you with your proposal.